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According to the Estonian development co-operation strategy for 2011-2015 (PDF), Moldova is one of the priority partner countries for Estonia. Recent years have seen an increase in bilateral co-operation due to rising demand in Moldova for Estonian expertise and know-how as well as an increase in funds available for development co-operation in general.

Strategically the Estonian development co-operation with Moldova concentrates on education, good governance and democracy-building, as well as support for economic development and environmental sustainability.

Ongoing bilateral projects include support to Moldovan Government on eTransformation and eGovernment capacity building, focusing on transferring Estonian e-government implementation experience to the Moldovan Government.

Other bilateral projects include cooperation of Estonian and Moldovan tax authorities by introducing Estonian experiences in reforming the tax system and using the e-services. Tartu University shares Estonian experience to raise the competence of lectors of Moldova State University and officers of education policy in Moldova to develop the curriculum in the field of economics and political science.

Additionally cross border projects of Moldova and Ukraine are supported to increase environmental awareness on promoting transboundary cooperation in River Dniester management and to increase the efficiency of border guard cooperation on green border using innovative ICT solutions.

A joint co-operation project of the UNDP and Estonia aims at capacity building in the field of communications and public relations management at the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. In a broader perspective the project cultivates deeper and better understanding of the role of public relations management in a modern society.

Previously we have successfully completed projects aimed at creating a prisoner registry information system for Moldova, supporting good journalism practices and the development of a free, balanced and modern public broadcasting institution in Moldova by Estonian Public Broadcasting Company.

The project aimed at empowering the people through ICT usage in schools was successfully completed in cooperation with Moldovan Ministry of Education and Youth. In March 2007, a fully equipped computer class was donated by Estonia within the framework of the project "Leap". The aim of that project was to improve IT skills in Moldovan society. The class enables training for teachers and other specialists involved in furthering ICT usage in Moldovan schools as well as in government structures. The class was officially opened in the presence of ministers from both countries.

Several co-operation projects have included Moldova along with other recipient countries. Such projects include scholarships for students and scientists working in the field of transition studies. Under this program, during a period of 3 years, 24 students from Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine will be able to spend a fully funded semester in Estonia’s Tartu University. Additionally, short-term exchange programs exist for researching scientists from the above-mentioned countries.

A project aimed at sharing Estonia’s experiences from the EU and NATO accession processes has improved the awareness of young Moldovan, Georgian and Ukrainian diplomats and civil servants on issues of trans-Atlantic cooperation. The project also includes a conference on European Neighbourhood Policy – a topic of particular importance to Moldova and other CIS countries.

A project implemented by the Estonian Border Guard focused on improving exchange of information concerning stolen vehicles. The main objective of this project was to enhance the capacity of police and border guard authorities in the region for preventing cross-border transfer of stolen vehicles. Another project implemented by the Estonian State Chancellery, aimed at sharing Estonia's experiences based on work in Riigikogu, included the training of the members of parliament of Moldova and parliamentary staff and also raised know-how on legislation.

Development co-operation projects are not coordinated solely by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other government structures have also carried out activities qualifying as Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Moldova. The non-governmental sector is also showing increased interest in working in and with Moldova.

Projects finished in 2013 and 2014

  1. Moldova Research Horizon Plus by the Estonian Research Council. 
    The project aimed at supporting European integration of Moldova by strengthening the capacities of Moldovan researchers, entrepreneurs and research administrators in participation of the world’s largest research programme Horizon 2020.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 29 029 EUR.
  2. Implementation of Student Camp Entrepreneurship training program in Moldavian Technical University for ICT students in Moldova by Garage48. 
    The purpose of the project was to contribute to the strengthening of education and development of  business and information technology in Moldova.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 7424 EUR.
  3. Implementation of Information System for tracking progress of Moldovan Government Action Plan in State Chancellery of Moldova by PlanPro. 
    The project introduced management software in the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova. Software will be used for tracking progress on the various Moldovan Government Action Plans. Granted access to the system for tracking action plans will be given to external partners as World Bank, European Union and other donor countries. System is recommended to use for monitoring reforms and projects connected to the Association Agreement between Moldova and European Union.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 13 480 EUR.
  4. Practical traffic education and traffic grounds building for  pupils from Moldovan towns by NGO Trafficprof.
    The project aimed at giving primary traffic education in smaller towns in Moldova. 
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 49 145 EUR.
  5. Ensuring the development of civil society in the Republic of Moldova through constitutional law enforcement and through insuring economic and cyber security by Real Systems Ltd. 
    The aim of the project was the development of analysis to provide more effective law enforcement and much safer civil society.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 47 169 EUR.
  6. Improving the accessibility of phone-based primary health care counselling in Moldova. Stage II by Estonian Health Insurance Fund and NGO Estonian Advice Centre. 
    The objective of the project was improved access of the Moldovan population to primary health care services and health-related information.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 65 894 EUR.
  7. Promotion of environmental education by Youth participation in monitoring forest biodiversity of the reserve Plaiul Fagului by Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation.
    The aim of the project was a better understanding of the nature and promoting best techniques for conserving biodiversity.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 34 405 EUR.
  8. Feasibility study of an e-service supporting family doctors in the context of Moldovan health system by Praxis.
    The aim of the project was to conduct a feasibility study of an e-service supporting family doctors. The study included mapping of different motivators and barriers for implementation, also the requirements of different stakeholders. 
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 42 637 EUR
  9. Preparation of the IT reform in the agricultural sector in Moldova by the Ministry of Agriculture.
    The project prepared and the strategy and action plan of the IT reform in the sectors under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Processing Industry of the Republic of Moldova. 
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 37 184 EUR.
  10. Estonia and Moldova – Partners in Entrepreneurship Education by Junior Achievement Estonia. 
    Junior Achievement Estonia supported JA Moldova in establishing sustainable entrepreneurship education.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 36 230 EUR.
  11. Collaboration of Moldova and Estonia in helping sexually and physically abused children by NGO Tartu Children's Help Center. 
    The projected focused on educating Moldovian specialist who work with children. 
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 24 527 EUR.
  12. Bilateral Technology Transfer Excellence for Moldova - BITTEM by the Tallinn University of Technology.
    The BITTEM project is a “good governance” project aiming at improving the coordination, information flow, transparency, and accountability of the technology transfer process between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI RM), the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Republic of Moldova (AITT) and the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM) mutually and with private enterprises (aiming at Public Private Partnerships –PPPs), represented by the Moldova Technology Transfer Network, through quality assurance and standardization.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 44 842 EUR.
  13. Integration of principles of Good Governance in the studies of Academy of Public Administration of Moldova by Tallinn University of Technology.
    The project aimed at strengthening the Eastern Partnership as well as at supporting the democracy building in Moldova. In cooperation with the Academy of Public Administration of Moldova, the project had an objective to develop the curricula of public administration sector via conducting series of professional trainings.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 44 120 EUR
  14. Good governance as an essential tool for economic development by the University of Tartu. 
    This project aimed at promoting the ideas of good governance in Moldova by organising an autum school for students and young civil servants. The topics of the training programme were based on 8 elements of good governance and the goal is to demonstrate how the implementation of these promotes sustainability of the society from the implementation of law up to promotion of social equity and entrepreneurship.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 42 923 EUR.
  15. ReStarting Moldovan debating movement by Estonian Debating Society. 
    The project supported spreading debate around the country. The project was aimed to help an NGO Moldovan National Debate League.
    State funding allocated for the implementation of project activities: 35 907 EUR.

Eastern Partnership Training Centre

Since the beginning of 2011 EU Eastern Partnership Training Centre started to operate in Tallinn. Based on current experiences of Estonian School of Diplomacy, training centre will arrange training programs and seminars related to various aspects of public administration reform to eastern partnership countries, including Moldova. Centre is funded from the development co-operation budget of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Last updated: 27 August 2015

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