Estonia and Palestine

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Bilateral relations

(last updated: 12.03.2013)

The Palestinian Authority (Palestine Liberation Authority, PLO) is an organisation with limited powers, and therefore Estonia cannot associate with the PLO like it would with a sovereign state. In accordance with the 1993 Oslo Accords, Estonia recognises the Palestine Liberation Authority as the representative of the Palestinian people on the international level. The representative to Estonia from the mission of the Palestine Liberation Authority based in Helsinki has been Mr. Nabil al-Wazir since 2006.


to Palestine
December 2010 Delegation of the Riigkogu foreign affairs committee
June 2010  President Toomas Hendrik Ilves
November 2009 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet
to Estonia
September 2011 Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Mashhour Abudaka
June 2010 Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki
October 2009 Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Mashour Abudaka
July 2004 Deputy Information Minister of the Palestinian Authority Dr. Ahmed Soboh

Economic relations

Estonian-Palestinian trade  2007-2012 (thousand EUR):

Year Export Import
2007 25 0
2008 63 0
2009 63 0
2010 2 0
2011 67 0
2012 58 0

Trade between Estonia and Palestine is minimal. In 2011 peat was exported to Palestine. There was no import from Palestine.

All economic data from Statistics Estonia.

Development and humanitarian  aid

Since 2006 Estonia has supported the Palestinian Authority with development and humanitarian aid totalling over 750 000 euros. An overview of the projects can be found in Estonia’s development co-operation database:


An official friendship agreement between Bethlehem and Haapsalu was signed on 16 September 2010. Representatives of Bethlehem planted a fir tree in the Count’s Garden in Haapsalu, and when it grows taller it will become the city’s Christmas tree.