Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg Celebrates 85th Anniversary

On Tuesday, 11 December, the Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg celebrates the passing of 85 years since the beginning of its activities.

In honour of the occasion, a concert featuring Mart Sander and his band will be held in the consulate general. After the concert there will be a formal reception, which will be attended by Estonian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Marina Kaljurand. High officials, journalists and cultural figures from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region are expected to attend the concert and reception.

The consulate general began its activities on 6 December 1922. On 5 August 1923, the consulate general was opened with an official flag-raising at 59 Bolshaya Morskaja Street, in the luxurious former residence of Erik von Pistolkohrs, Colonel of the guard forces and adjutant to His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovitch. On 1 January 1923, there were 8 officials and 11 servants working at the consulate general.

On 10 January 1938, the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs issued a note with the proposal to liquidate the Estonian Consulate General in Leningrad within two months. The liquidation of the Estonian Consulate General was completed on 31 March 1938.

Consular work was resumed on 26 January 1993 at 14 Bolshaya Monetnaja Street. The current consul general in St. Petersburg is Kristen Lahtein.

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