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24 May - 30 May 2013

Head of US Special Operations Command in Europe Visits Estonia

24 May (BNS)

Maj. Gen. Michael S. Repass, head of US Special Operations Command Europe, has made a two-day visit to Estonia.

Maj. Gen. Repass said that the Estonian special operations unit serving in Afghanistan under US command does not have many members but, along with the allies, has an influence on a considerable part of Afghanistan, spokespeople at the headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces told BNS.

"Special operations forces is a way to accomplish great deeds with a small number of people," said Maj. Gen. Repass. "We have worked with Estonians for such a long time that there is no difference between people from different nations. The unit that the Estonian special operations force members belong to works alongside more than a thousand members of the Afghan security forces in nine provinces - it is a considerable influence."

The Estonian special operations unit has been serving in Afghanistan in a NATO operation under the command of the special operations forces of the United States, and their task is to support the training of the Afghan security forces. The special operations forces of Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Finland are also working alongside the special operations forces of the US to train the Afghan security forces.

Maj. Gen. Repass met with Estonian Minister of Defence Urmas Reinsalu, Commander of the Defence Forces Maj. Gen. Riho Terras, and the head of the Estonian special operations force Lt. Col. Riho Ühtegi, and paid a visit to the members of the special operations forces of Estonia and the US that took part in Spring Storm, the largest annual exercise of the Estonian Defence Forces.

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