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28 Jan - 03 Feb 2011

Tartu Peace Treaty is Encouraging Sign From the Past

2 February

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that on the 91st anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty today, it is important to emphasise that the Tartu Peace Treaty secured the creation and independence of the Republic of Estonia.

Paet stated that for Estonian diplomats and politicians, the Tartu Peace Treaty is an encouraging sign from the past on how to stand firm for Estonia regardless of resistance. “The decision to hold peace negotiations with Soviet Russia did not come easily to the leaders of Estonia at the time, but Head of State Tõnisson and Foreign Minister Poska decided to take a risk, and the choice turned out to be the right one,” said Paet. “Proof of that came a year later with de jure recognition by Belgium, Italy, Japan, France and Great Britain in January 1921, and when Estonia became a member of the League of Nations that same year,” he added.

Foreign Minister Paet emphasised that the Tartu Peace Treaty is the result of the bravery of our soldiers. “It’s essential to remember the contribution that every soldier fighting on the Narva front in the winter of 1919-1920 made to the success of the negotiations,” he noted. “If the Estonian soldiers had been less tough and fearless, we would not have gotten such a good treaty or such a rapidly developing nation,” Paet added.

According to the foreign minister, after the restoration of its independence Estonia has experienced many situations in which it has had to come to terms on its own and ignore misguiding advice, trusting its own instincts. “The Tartu Peace Treaty always offers us inspiration when we face difficult decisions and its value is not diminished by time, because it is a symbol of Estonians’ tenacity,” said Paet.


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